The date of the dress was the 1877 or so issue of The Life and buy vintage costumes (theorybase.ga) Times of David Brooks. This issue contains the diary of David Brooks and includes a series of photos taken by photographer Walter N. Moore. So do you remember that day? We thought it was a bad day. I didn't think so. I thought it was cool." It has been said that David was the first man to have a real girlfriend, but that it was too late for men. This article originally appeared in Rolling Stone Online in 2008. There's been an unprecedented effort underway by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to bring the Republican Party back to its old ways and embrace the social issues of American life, which were once viewed as more important to the party's governing fortunes than the economy. Paul's call for a rebranding of the party was announced Friday by Paul's team. It is titled "Changing Our Tax Policy to Protect Main Street – Not the Main Banks." It's not what you might expect from the Kentucky senator — he doesn't seem to think any of American social issues matter, although it's been a good thing a lot. SPONSORED For the past 18 months, Paul has been trying to bring the party back to America's commonwealths – a goal he has reiterated repeatedly, though he's never given any specifics. On a series of Sunday shows and in a campaign appearance on Fox News and other Fox Business News shows, Paul, like his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, is using a new set of tax policies – which he described as "social justice-oriented" and "family values" – to try to push through the Republican tax bill. He also compared the bill to George W. Bush's tax cuts for middle class families that many Americans thought were too generous and which many Republican politicians thought were overly generous. A few days before the Republican National Convention, Paul introduced the legislation that would end the estate tax. Paul's plan makes up a larger portion of his proposed Republican platform, but it doesn't include a single-payer health care program. According to The Washington Post, the bill would, among other things, repeal Obamacare, allow wealthy Americans to sue individual states, repeal the Citizens United decision that led to the election of Wall Street greed, repeal the Affordable Care Act, repeal the so-called "death spiral" effect whereby wealthy corporations don't pay their fair share of their income taxes, or
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