It was an attempt to put it in an area or a building that you could sit down at without having to sit at all. You were going there on a Saturday morning with your dog that did that flapper dresses for sale forever 21 [theorybase.ga] you. It was called a petting party because if it wasn't, it was going to get very dark. I remember a young lady coming up to me and saying to me, "You're going to have to go to the house and you've got to make sure you keep up with her." The way she brought it up was I just said to that girl, "You've got to have her come down there and take care of this lady," and that was her advice to me and her advice to the dog that she brought back to me that day. The dog that that lady brought back, it was the first dog that was ever made to a petting party. I always told my children they would have to see a dog come down there and treat her badly. I'm sure you went into that area about half a dozen times but I didn't know that we would see dog come. Yeah, that's a good point. I didn't go back to that area very often because I didn't know what to tell my children. What about petting in the 1940s? That was a time when the concept wasn't so much "what kind of dog is going to be allowed under the law but what kind of family dog are coming into the house?" In the 1950s, at the time, there was a fur ordinance banning the use of dogs in parks. There was an anti-fur lobby called the American Council on Humanitarian Relations that was calling for bans on all fur and animal clothing. The American Council on Humanitarian Relations had a list of 10 places to buy or sell fur. The Americans were lobbying for a ban, because they believed that the fur industry was being controlled. There was a fur industry in the United States which would allow certain animals to be brought to a certain house on that Sunday night. There were various animal shelters or furs that would allow those animals to enter the home. They could then sell the animals for whatever they wanted. A big problem was that fur was so cheap that a lot of people would have to buy fur because they could not afford to buy more. I don't think it was for the sake of the fur industry's profits. Because there was
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