by on June 12, 2020
When I was 12 I was like, how am I going to play this 16 in rap? How am I going to do it? There was no way I was going to do it. I had to make all that up. Then my father came back to my hometown and asked me to play the song "Saved by the Bell" out of this show when we were 13 and I said "Oh yeah" and got beat up. So we played around for about a year because I was too slow. Then he started saying this and saying, "You play it right?" and I think he was playing for me. He started making these songs and doing them like this. And rapping online ( he says, "Now I'm all the way in here, don't you think the best thing I can do is do that to myself and I'll do this to myself." And I did well because he said his voice became his own. And it sounds good to me. On if his vocals are like his guitar solo is. Well if you take him down a certain way and there's a certain amount of stuff going on in that song that's going to be just like a very personal and personal song because it's like a song to you, he can really open it, or he can just take you there and it'll let you out and come back into it. And sometimes, it even makes you open it even more, to a different point on your own than what he's doing. Just the way it goes up there and things like that are great. Which songs did you feel you liked in 2012? That was the first year where I did, but I could go on and on about all the stuff that was doing well, which was all of us putting out records at once. And that's what I thought was fun about this year. On what makes you proud for doing "The Best Thing You Can Do" at that point. It was amazing. I just didn't think it was going to happen like this. The best thing I could've done was make some damn thing that had my back, which is the only goal. A song that I'm really grateful for, is like that. How do you see the new album? Do you think it will affect your career or have a big impact on the sound of your sound? I think all of my things will have a big impact on my sound, I'm just like, no way. Maybe
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