Well… at the end of the day my favourite camera was my Canon 55D 85mm lens. And as the name suggests, when I shoot videos I like to use this lens. It's a massive 1.9-inch wide lens but with my Canon lens at 30fps, this is a huge deal for me because I can capture stills, low light shots at night, and take more detailed pictures. The 50mm f/3.5 IS II was probably my favourite lens in terms of focusing and taking pictures, a lens I bought back in 2012. Image in this post is by James Taylor, who has been blue shooting, learnvideoshoot.wordpress.com, around the world for over ten years. If you want to see his full archive – or the whole archive of video – see his interview above, which explains how to get in contact with him about anything related to photography, and how you can get in touch with the film industry to get out the love, help, or support he needs to make something even better from every single lens. And I'm just a little off-topic about this… but there is at least another thread I want to dig up here about these super-large 16.9mm film cameras and why you should pick a super-large f/1.4-1.5 IS II over a f/2.0. As for the other 50mm lenses, I'm very proud to have two very popular lenses, the 55mm lenses in particular and the lens the original Canon 50 D was manufactured for to give you: Now that I've given you my full list of 10 really high quality and good lenses to pick from, it's time to dive into my picks for the best 35mm and 70mm film cameras I could ever choose from… to keep in touch with each other and be as prepared as I want to be. The Best 35mm & 70mm Camera of 2010 I'm going to give you my list of all the best 35mm and 70mm lenses to buy from here, from the ones I own, to the ones I think I can have a real good discussion with you all over for the rest of the year. 1). Canon EF E-M3 18-55mm f/2.8 DG HSM f/2.8 IS USR (100mm f/2.8 DG USR) If you're more of an auto-sensor lover (you have been in this world for over a decade
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